The Renewal Team is trained and available to lead workshops at your church.  These workshops have a strong participation element, therefore, your church leaders will not only learn, but be able to put concepts into practice right away.

Workshop Topics

Cultivating a Churchwide House of Prayer

The Gospel & The Gifts

Hello! Holy Spirit

HOTS: Healing on the Streets

Inner Healing & Deliverance

Power Ministry Basics

The Power of Sonship

Prophecy and The Prophet

“EDLD – Do It Again” is a phrase representing the essential practices that help keep us as Vineyard leaders and churches on track. EDLD stands for (E)vangelism(D)iscipleship(L)eadership multiplication, and (D)iversity.  These essential practices are emphasized during each of our workshops and are noted above.

What pastors are saying

"Biblically sound, culturally relevant, and they minister in the power of the Holy Spirit."
- Steve and Brenda Salzman
The Well Vineyard
Millersville, Maryland

"This conference has been great for our church because it's so focused on impartation."
- Bill Dwyer
The Valley Vineyard Church
Reseda, California

"I've never seen anyone lead a group of people through the process of praying for physical healing in this way. We were able to experience this with the person receiving prayer. Then, the facilitator had us praying for others right away."
- Conference Participant, The Valley Vineyard Church